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Design and Installation

When our Group initially expanded our services to provide engineering services, we supplied scaffolding workers to our customers to undertake the scaffolding works. In mid-2017, we expanded our offering to include design and installation of scaffolding systems.

As part of our scaffolding services, we design and install scaffolding systems to support maintenance works of our customers. Our Group designs and installs scaffolding systems for projects mainly in the oil and gas, petrochemical, marine and construction industries.

All our scaffolding systems are installed by our certified scaffold erectors under the supervision of our qualified scaffold supervisors and certified where necessary by a professional engineer to be safe for use in accordance with the Workplace Safety and Health (Scaffolds) Regulations 2011.

What are Scaffolding Systems?

Scaffolding Systems

are temporary structures installed around the exterior of another structure or building to provide workmen access for construction, maintenance or repair works.

To Reach

Elevated and Inaccessible Areas

Due to the size and height, large and tall buildings or structures usually have inaccessible areas, and scaffolds provide a means to reach elevated areas and parts that are otherwise inaccessible.

To give access to such areas, various components of a scaffolding system are put together to form a series of platforms, ladders and stairs.

Scaffolding systems are dismantled and removed after the works performed by our customers’ workmen are completed.

Adapted to Provide

Functions Other Than Access

As part of our Group’s scaffolding services, we design and install scaffolds as engineered shelters.


Temporary Tentage

Engineered shelters are temporary tentage, roof or covers constructed over or around scaffolds that provide protection against various elements or activities.

For instance, tentage may be erected and installed over buildings and other structures to prevent damage from rain and sun.


Temporary Warehouse

Engineered shelters can also be installed and used as temporary warehouse to provide onsite protection of construction materials and equipment against the elements.


Cover Against Surveillance

For restricted or confidential projects, engineered shelters may be installed to conceal and provide sites cover against ground, aerial or satellite surveillance.


Prevent Injury/Damage

Shelters may also be erected around construction sites to prevent injury to people and/or damage to the surrounding environment from construction activities.

For example, sand blasting may cause loose sand particles to be expelled, and an appropriate engineered shelter may prevent such particles from being expelled outside of the designated construction site.

Supply of Scaffold Workers

As part of our scaffolding services, the Group supplies scaffolding workers, comprising certified scaffold erectors and scaffold supervisors. to our customers to undertake scaffolding works in the oil and gas, petrochemical, marine and construction industries.

We supply scaffold workers on a project by project basis, where the workers are placed with our customers for the duration of the project. Ancillary to the supply of scaffold workers, we also provide skilled and semi-skilled general workers to our customers.

Sales and Rental of Scaffold Components and Parts

As part of our scaffolding services, we also sell and rent scaffold components and parts to customers for their own scaffold installations. Our Group is also a supplier of various types of grating used for the construction of permanent access platforms and structures.

Corrosion and Environmental Protection

If required by our customers, our Group offer complementary corrosion prevention services together with our scaffolding services. Our corrosion prevention services involve the application of protective coatings to provide corrosion and environmental protection to our customers’ equipment, building and structures.

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